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My catalog » God's Design for the Highly Healthy Teen - Softcover - Autographed by Dr. Walt

God's Design for the Highly Healthy Teen - Softcover - Autographed by Dr. Walt

God’s design for the highly healthy life provides a powerful balance of physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual health—even for the teen years! Teens face choices every day that either enhance or threaten their whole health. At school, through the media and friends, teens are hit with influences they have never faced before. Your teen needs your help now more than ever! • How can you coach your teen through the threats of drugs, alcohol, addiction, and sexually transmitted diseases? • What can you do about nutrition, eating disorders, self-image, and the frightening rise of obesity? • How does a parent respond to tattoos, piercings, and internet porn? • Is there a way to navigate the pressures of academics, sports, and over-commitment to find the healthy balance of stimulation and rest? • What physical changes are normal? When is it time to seek medical care? How do you find the best doctor? • How does a parent ease fears and adjustments, respect privacy, and intervene when needed? Good news. The doctor is in! Dr. Walt Larimore has seen it all—as a family physician, a dad, a medical journalist, and now your doctor on call. He equips you to powerfully protect and enhance your teen’s health during these critical (and often scary) teen years. • ASSESS YOUR TEEN’S HEALTH: Use the simple 4 Wheels tool to identify the weakest "spokes’ in your teen’s health. • FIND THE SPOKE THAT’S BROKE: Zero in first where your teen’s health is most out of balance. Discover timeless principles coupled with late-breaking research and answers to your questions. • BENEFIT FROM IMMEDIATE ACTION: Follow practical, achievable advice, resulting in positive changes in your teen’s life. Discover how your teen can experience God’s Design for the Highly Healthy Life.

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God's Design for the Highly Healthy Teen
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