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Bryson City Seasons - Hardcover - Autographed

The hilarious and poignant sequel of a doctor’s early years in practice in a rural mountain town. Drawing from real-life experiences, this book continues the up-close-and-personal look at one man’s transformation into a compassionate family doctor. Favorite characters return, along with new and colorful ones, as Dr. Larimore learns that sometimes patients are the best teachers. The classroom ranges from hospital corridors to smelly barns, to homely kitchens and mountain streams. Dr. Larimore’s growing expertise as a wilderness physician—and his work with the Swain County Rescue Squad and the Maroon Devils football team—are put to the test as he strives to incorporate his faith into both his practice and his family life. Hilarious and poignant events—a suspicious and shady new doctor, moonshine and bartering, and the desperate search for the Larimores’ lost son—enchant readers and instill images of grace and joy, perseverance and humility, and the enduring power of faith.

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Bryson City Seasons
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